Shanghai Baoye Guizhou Village Traffic Project Department Praised for Building Road for Impoverished County
CopyFrom: Date:28 November 2017
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  On November 21st, the Guizhou Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture Rongjiang County Lengyi Village Secretary sent a silk banner to the Shanghai Baoye Group’s Guizhou Village Traffic Rongjiang County Project Department on behalf of villagers to thank the company for building a cement road through the village. The silk banner means that Rongjiang County villagers’ long-term hopes have comes true, making it the best award for the efforts and achievements of the Village Traffic Project Department’s.

  To get rich, first build a road. The Qiandongnan Prefecture ‘Thirteenth-Five’ Rural Road ‘Construction and Maintenance’ Service Project undertaken by MCC is an important livelihood and public benefit project. 2017 is a vital and decisive winning year for the Shanghai Baoye Guizhou Village Traffic Project. Since the beginning of the year, all the personnel of the Project Department have overcome difficulties with the spirit of daring to challenge and advance despite difficulties, solved all problems with concerted efforts and a bunker mentality, and ensured the smooth progress of the engineering construction. The Guizhou Village Traffic Project Department has adhered to the work policy of ‘the opening is a decisive battle and the start is a sprint’, strictly managed the time nodes, made elaborate plans, overcame such difficulties as a shortage of sand and gravel, long concrete transport distance, changeable and complicated weather, and frequent slope collapse, took measures including priority protection and supply for cement, sand and gravel storage in advance, and appropriate increase in personnel and mixing station facilities, ensured all annual goal missions and fulfilled the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government’s solemn promise to the people.

  The successive completion and smooth breakthrough of Rongjiang County’s village roads provides the people with the greatest travelling convenience, and promotes the development of the regional economy. The Guizhou Village Traffic Project Department will continue to carry forward the simple yet profound MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, positively carry out its strong responsible awareness and spirit, fulfill the social responsibilities of central enterprises, boost poverty alleviation measures, ensure the accuracy and efficiency of rural road poverty relief work, provide accurate and efficient help, and make contributions to promoting the development of Guizhou’s beautiful villages.