MCC Baosteel Technology Holds ‘Friends on the Way Home’ Caring Riding Activity
CopyFrom: Date:28 November 2017
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  On November 23rd, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Fourth Branch Company held the ‘Friends on the Way Home’ riding activity which has so far lasted for a week. Over 90 managers above operation head-level participated, escorting 2,600 employees home from work. It has been called a ‘loving company’ by the families of employees.

  At 8:15 p.m. on November 15th, Fourth Branch Company Operation Workshop Director Wang De and 26 employees drove battery carts and started the activity. It is dark and the fog is thick in Donghai Island of Zhanjiang in the autumn. Some road sections on the island are used by many engineering vehicles and are thus very dusty. Some village roads are unlit and have poor paving quality, quicksand and potholes. The traffic risks are relatively serious. The riding line passed through Gate No. 1 of the Zhansteel Factory in Dongjian Town and arrived at Beishan Village of Dongshan Town. A total of 26 employees were safely taken home. The total mileage was 22 km. The traffic safety of employees on the way home was effectively guaranteed. At present, other managers are also joining in and escorting their employees home from work.