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Four CFMCC Projects Win National Metallurgical Industry High Quality Engineering Awards
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 July 2015
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On June 16th, it was announced on the CMCA website that four projects of the CFMCC Group had won 2015 National Metallurgical Industry High Quality Engineering Awards.
They are: the Cold-Reduced Tinplates Product Line Project of WISCO, the South Xinjiang Iron and Steel Base Coking Project of BG-XBISC, the FAM BC Small Engines Phase II Project and SGE Matching Engines Project of SGM's Wuhan Branch and the Blast Furnace Overhaul with Environmental Technology Upgrading and Rebuilding of XSSC (1x180 square meters sintering system).
As national metallurgical construction industry engineering (Ministerial) awards, the High Quality Engineering Awards are selected annually. Winning projects represent the highest level in the current national metallurgical industry. According to the Accreditation Method for Metallurgical Industry High Quality Engineering, CMCA organized and carried out the accreditation of metallurgical industry high quality engineering of 2015. After strict accreditation, forty-nine projects had the honor of winning the annual award for metallurgical industry high quality engineering this year.
In recent years, the CFMCC Group has complied with the national tendency towards energy conservation, emissions reduction, low carbon and environmental protection development, giving great impetus to new technology, new materials and the application of new techniques on metallurgical projects, ensuringthe goals of realizing excellence in engineering quality, strictly controlling the construction process, taking effective measures and creating quality projects with positive economic and social benefits.