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MCC20 Carries Out Service Activity for National Energy Conservation Publicity Week
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 July 2015
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On the morning of June 15th, the third 'National Low Carbon Day', MCC20 and the Neighborhood Committee of Baoshan Fifth Village, Shanghai, a unit jointly established by enterprises and people, organized and carried out a service activity for National Energy Conservation Publicity Week based on the theme,'Enjoying a low carbon life, win-winning a green future'.
In 2015, National Energy Conservation Publicity Week runs from June 13th to 19th under the slogan 'Thrift is Virtuous, Conservation is Moral.' The event attracted nearby community residents to participate in such activities asthe blackboard newspaper, the energy conservation quiz, the issuing of publicity material, the garbage classification linking game, the exhibition of low carbon works and more. It also introduced low carbon knowledgeconcepts and related new energy conservation and environmental protection technology to publicize the mainstream value of an ecological civilization. Appealing to each family, each resident begins with their own daily life, starts from everyday things and expands to take in the attentive concern and love for our homeland and to undertake the important task of protecting the environment through our actions. For our mutual home on planet Earth, we should strive to be the communicators of green low carbon concepts and the practitioners of the green low carbon life.