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MCC Huatian Makes New Achievement in Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization
CopyFrom:MCC Date:26 June 2015
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On June 10th, MCC's Huatian (Anhui) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Research Institute Corporation learned from the State Intellectual Property Office that its Visual Program Software for High-Efficiency Design Computation of Heat Exchangers (software registration number: 2015SR094842) had been awarded a software copyright by the Copyright Protection Center of China.
The development of this software program is based on a 2015 Ma’anshan science and technology planning project undertaken by the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Research Institute, namely the Research and Demonstration of an Integrated System for Ultimately Recycling Waste Heat Resources in Heating Furnaces. At present, the research group has applied for 7 national patents (including 3 invention patents), and has been granted 2 patents and 1 software copyright. The results of the research were successfully applied in the modification works of Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd.'s 1800 hot rolled stainless steel walking beam heating furnace in February 2015, achieving the following key technical indexes: waste heat recovery and utilization through multiple channels, energy absorption through multiple mediums (exhaust gas, hot water, steam, etc.), heat recovery efficiency ≥80%; realizing the intelligent combination of various waste heat recovery methods according to working conditions, which improved the furnace heat efficiency by over 30% and realized the high efficiency of waste heat recovery and utilization; producing electric energy for self-use or connection to the grid, which saved an enormous amount of energy and could be used as a safe power supply for the heating furnace (generated output: 2 Mw), saving 1 former safe power supply system and 1 diesel-pump back-up system; integrating the system as a complete and independent whole in order to form a comprehensive industrial chain able to realize ultimate waste heat recovery for various media including exhaust gas, hot water, steam, etc.; finally, the temperature of the discharged exhaust gas has been brought below 200°C.