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MCCCE Launches Project Safety Emergency Drill
CopyFrom:MCC Date:17 June 2015
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On the afternoon of June 5th, MCCCE launched a drill integrating flood protection, fire protection and first aid training in the Project Department of the Tianfu New Area. More than 100 persons participated, including Fire Prevention Guards from Chengdu Tianfu New Area. Relevant personnel from the Xinlong Town Hospital, the Chengdu Tiandu New Area Investment Group Co., Ltd., the Tianfu New Area Quality & Safety Supervision Station and others watched the whole drill.
This comprehensive drill was divided into three parts. The flood prevention drill was first. Based on the background of a flood disaster that occurred between Nanning Road and Tianfu Avenue, the emergency leading group of the Project Department immediately initiated the flood protection plan, organized personnel to evacuate and actively developed emergency rescues. The whole drill process was intense but well in order; during a short time, the Fire Prevention Guards and the rescue party of the Project Department promptly and rapidly organized the rescue of drowning people. After emergency treatment by the first-aid personnel of the hospital, the injured were out of danger.
Next came the fire protection drill. Based on a scenario involving fire in the diesel tank, template and wooden beam of the on-site generator, the fire drill was divided into training and practical operation. After the participating personnel of the Fire Prevention Guards explained how to use dry powder extinguishers and high-pressure water hoses to put out a fire, the extinguishing drill was launched and all participating trainees rapidly responded to the fire and successfully put it out.
Finally, the first-aid training drill was carried out. The medical workers vividly explained and demonstrated first-aid knowledge pertinent to such accidents as object strikes, electric shocks, mechanical accidents, burns, heatstroke and drowning. They stressed that once any casualty accident had occurred, the relevant personnel on site must strive for the 'Golden time for life' and conduct emergency treatment promptly to save lives.
This drill and training event tested the quality of the emergency plan system for flood protection of the Project Department of MCCCE Tianfu New Area in practice and strengthened the fire protection and emergency treatment consciousness of the staff and laboring teams, laying a strong foundation for enhanced production safety. Next, MCCCE will launch production safety emergency drill activities with various contents in all Project Departments across the whole Corporation in combination with 'Production Safety Month'.