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SKET Visits and Consoles Down-Transferred Personnel and Family Members of Deceased Employees
CopyFrom:MCC Date:26 June 2015
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On June 8th, SKET (Shen Kan Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC) completed its task of visiting and caring foremployees down-transferred to Hebei and Shandong in 1962 and the family members of deceased employees. Such gifts as bedding and mattresses were sent to the down-transferred employees and the family members of the deceased. This was the fourth such activity SKET has engaged in since 2014.
Currently, there are two down-transferred employees and one family member of the deceased in Hebei Province, and one down-transferred employee in Shandong Province. They are great people who made contributions to the company in its early stages and also contributed to SKET's response to the national call to support rural construction. To thank them for their contributions and express its warmth and consideration, SKET arranges for current employees to visit them regularly and learn about their living conditions. Living conditions in mountainous areas are harsh, especially for people in their 80s. Except for one down-transferred employee in Tai’an, Shandong who passed away, the others are in good health. SKET will help and regularly revisit its elderlydown-transferred employees who live in difficult conditions.