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MCC19 Develops Targeted Three-Level Safety Education Program for Employees Working Abroad
CopyFrom:MCC Date:17 June 2015
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On June 4th, MCC19 launched a targeted three-level safety education program for the first employees working abroad in the engineering construction of the Indonesia Ferronickel Project.
Located in Maluku Province, Indonesia, and jointly invested in and constructed by Xinxing Pipes in China, Singapore and Indonesia, the Indonesia Ferronickel Project has already commenced its first phase. MCC19 is responsible for the contracting, building, civil engineering and installation of a 3×33MVA rotary kiln/submerged arc furnace ferronickel production line and the supporting public & auxiliary facilities for 3×38MW thermal power generation. The special geographical location, weather conditions, unfamiliar local culture and laws and regulations of Indonesia Ferronickel have raised a variety of new topics in construction management and safety management. In order to ensure employee safety and the smooth progress of the project, MCC19 sent three working teams to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, OBI island where the project is located and other places in order to understand and investigate the local culture and customs, laws and regulations, procurement and transportation of production and living materials and other relevant information. On this basis, a three-level safety education plan for employees going in and out of the site and an emergency plan for accidents have been formulated, characterized by Indonesia engineering project construction management.
   On June 4th, the day before the constructors began work, MCC19 launched its targeted three-level safety education program including life skills in the hot and humid environment, hazard source identification, Indonesian traffic signs and construction notices and the manners and customs of people in Muslim regions in order to ensure the personal safety and construction safety of MCC19 employees on site.