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MCC17 Project Department Actively Participates in Poverty-Relief Work
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 July 2015
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On June 23rd, the Lanzhou New District Station Square EPC Project Management Department of the MCC17 Group's Gansu Branch Zhongchuan Railway completed the dilapidated building renovation works of two poor households in Xinyuan Village, Qinchuan Town, Lanzhou New District, in addition to village access road construction work. Since the middle of June, the Project Department has organized the intense and orderly construction of the project and actively participated in poverty-relief work in Lanzhou New District at the same in order to give back to society through practical actions and fulfill the social responsibility of central enterprises.
According to the poverty relief policy of the Lanzhou New District Government, the Project Department determined worthy targets for assistance through active communication with the people of Xinyuan Village. After determining its implementation scheme, the Project Department immediately arranged personnel, materials and machinery to be sent to the site by giving full play to the traditional advantages of a construction enterprise. After nearly oneweek of intense construction, the Project Department renovated 5 dilapidated rooms and 1 kitchen, rebuilt a sewer pipe ditch and hardened and leveled over 300meters of village access road. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the Project Department organized administrative personnel to visit poor households in the village with the leaders of relevant New District departments, bringing food, oil, meat and daily necessities to express their holiday greetings to the villagers and show their care; this received high praise from the leaders of the New District and the villagers. Small things can warm people's hearts.