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MCC3 Organizes Fire Drill and Fire Knowledge Training
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 July 2015
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On June 18th, as part of Production Safety Month,the MCC3 Group organized a fire drill and fire knowledge training session with the municipal corporation as test unit, improvingthe fire safety consciousness and emergency handling capacity of the employees and allowing them to become familiar with self-saving, mutual rescue and escape methods.
At 14:00 PM, the emergency mode was immediately started upon the sounding of the early warning alarm. According to the requirements of the fire emergency evacuation drill plan, all staff in the MCC3 office building evacuated in an orderly fashion along the designated route under the direction of the commanders. Five minutes later, they assembled in the square in front of the building. Next, the Fire Security Division held a training activity in the proper use of extinguishers and conducted actual operations on site. They also distributed over 50 safety information manuals and trained staff in daily fire safety knowledge. After that, the safety trainer explained in detail the specific operations and precautions of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He first interpreted the concept of the medical term 'sudden cardiac arrest' and then demonstrated the main operating steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation including sphygmoscopy, external chest compression, airway-opening and artificial respiration. All on-site employees learned these procedures through direct experience and mastered the force and frequency of compression following the demonstration.
Through this drill and training session, the staff further improved their fire safety consciousness, enhanced their basic fire safety knowledge and mastered fire emergency measures, fulfilling the intended purpose and effect of the activity.