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MCC20 Shanghai Project Department Deploys Full Measures Against Heaviest Rainfall This Summer
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 July 2015
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In the early morning of June 17th, the traffic of Yangpu District where MCC20 Shanghai Dadinghai's Project Department is located was blocked by severe flooding. The Project Department promptly initiated its emergency preplan for flood prevention, rapidly assigning the emergency group to organize personnel to drain water on-site. At about 16:00 PM, the water flooding peripheral roads and the construction area had receded and nearby residents were able to go about their daily lives without obstruction.
At 02:46 AM of June 17th, the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory announced an orange rainstorm warning signal for the northern and central regions of Shanghai. After continuous heavy rainfall that lasted all night, the drainage pipeline capacity in the old Yangpu District was far from the drainage requirement, the rainstorm had caused a serious road flooding problem and the foundation pit and various other areas of the construction site were flooded. All Project Department staff implemented flood prevention and rescue measures in the rain and temporarily added three water pumps to pump the rainwater into the pumping station adjacent to the construction area. The water was then discharged into Huangpu River.
MCC20's Shanghai Dadinghai Low-Standard Drainage Project is included in the Subdrainage Transformation Project of Yangpu District. The rainstorm caused serious flooding in theurban area, making it urgent that the subdrainage work of Yangpu District should be completed early. The Yangpu District Municipal Water Service Administration, the Urban-Rural Construction and Transportation Management Commission, Shanghai Municipal Sewage Co., Ltd. and other units all requested for the Project Department to speed up its construction progress based on its guarantee of project quality in order to complete the construction work as soon as possible and relieve drainage pressure in the area.