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MCC19 Launches Joint Fire-fighting Drill
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 June 2015
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On the morning of June 16th, the MCC19 R&D Building in Pixian County, Chengdu, suddenly caught fire. The operator on duty immediatelysounded the alarm and called 119 upon discovering the blaze. All workers then promptly evacuated to the safe area, covering their mouths and noses with wet towels. A practical drill to extinguish fires in high-rise buildings jointly launched by MCC19 and the Pixian County Fire-Fighting Guards had begun.
The preset plot of this drill is as follows: MCC19 R&D Building in Pixian County was caught on fire suddenly. The operator on duty immediately rang the alarm bell and called “119” after noticing the fire. Then, the workers upstairs and downstairs rushed out of the office with the wet towels covering their mouths and noses and transferred to the safe places downstairs within three minutes.
At the moment when the alarm bell rang, the fire-fighting drill started. Everybody covered their mouths and noses with wet towels to avoid being choked by the dense smoke and heat and quickly escaped down the stairs with their heads lowered. Approximately 200employeesfrom all 19floors evacuated to the safe area in an orderly fashion in under three minutes. When everyone was out, Ge Qiang of the Pixian County Fire-Fighting Guards gave an engaging lecture on fire-fighting knowledge. By describing several typical fire accidents, Mr. Ge stressed the importance of fire-fighting safety work and also introduced fire-fighting safety details, fighting methods for the initial fire, self-rescue and survival methods and other information of use in daily life, winning a prolonged roar of applause for his vivid descriptions. Mr. Ge then demonstrated how to use a dry powder extinguisher and gave trainees firsthand experience of its operation under the instruction of the officers.