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MCC22 Launches Themed Training Course on Basic-Level Writing for Correspondents
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 June 2015
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On June 15th, the themed training course on basic-level writing for correspondents in MCC22 came to a successful conclusion after three months. MCC22 organized related personnel to go deep into the basic level and carried out the training of almost 500 correspondents from 26 branches (subsidiaries), holding companies and business divisions.
Inthe PPT format, the contents of the training course included news and article writing, the requirements and key points of MCC22's publicity and media relations work in 2015, the basic information format of websites at four levels (MCC22, MCC, SASAC, the State Council), information disclosure management rules, assessment methodsfor publicizing and reporting work and the selection of enterprise news report perspectives.In particular, the column setups of the revised MCC22 website and the layout settings of the extended MCC20 newspaper were introduced in detail. Additionally, discussion, communication and interaction were also conducted to hear opinions and suggestions for the company's publicity and reporting work.
During the course, correspondents at the basic level were required to focus on the planning and strategic targets and tasks of MCC22's'Three Fives', firmly grasp various key tasks of MCC22, go deep into the basic level, transform working styles, change writing styles, concentrate on the basic level, gather focus into a line, identify emphasis, pinpoint highlights, build up the model, produce competitive products and fully exert the guidance of public opinion in order to provide the intellectual impetus and support of public opinion for the scientific development of the enterprise.