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MCC22 Convenes 2015 Flood Prevention Work Arrangement Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:26 June 2015
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On June 11th, the MCC22 Group convened its 2015Flood Prevention Work Arrangement Meeting. The competentManagers of relevant departments and each branch and subsidiary of MCC22 attended the meeting on site, and branches (subsidiaries) outside Tangshan attended the meeting by video link-up.
At the meeting, Liu Yushan, GeneralManager and Deputy Party secretary of MCC22pointed out that flood prevention was still in a serious situation for the impact of the El Nino phenomenon, and that we should all fully recognize and understand that fact. He went on to propose three requirements for the overall arrangement of the 2015 flood prevention work: firstly, each unit should be serious and responsible. The one-man management system should be implemented, establishing a flood prevention organization system with the Manager as the group leader and the Assistant Manager or secretary as the vice group leader in order to guarantee the availability of funds, personnel and supplies. Secondly, each unit should carry out this work very pragmatically. The project construction sequences must be well arranged and planned in order to prevent accidents, especially construction schemes for deep foundation pits, slope protection, crane foundations and scaffold foundations. Thirdly, each unit should fully implement flood prevention measures. The leadership of the relevant unit will be held responsible in the event of a serious problem or a significant loss that has a huge impact on the company.