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China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group Launches Tunnel Collapse Emergency Rescue Drill
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 June 2015
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On June 13th, the China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group launched an emergency rescue drill based on a tunnel collapse scenario in the Shuidonggou Tunnel Project Department, Binhe New District, Yinchuan. The second emergency drill production safety activity that the Department has organized, this drill was based on 'Production Safety Month' for the purposes of improving the safety protection consciousness and emergency response capacity of its participants and inspecting the feasibility of the emergency rescue plan in the event of tunnel collapse and the practical cooperation ability of various rescue parties.
It was simulated that an earthwork collapse suddenly took place from the tunnel roof at the moment when the supported-arch centering construction of the1# cave (auxiliary cave on the left) was carried out. There were five constructors in the cave, of which four evacuated safely and one became trapped. After the occurrence of the accident, the operators on duty immediately contacted the site to gain a preliminary knowledge of the accident conditions and submitted a request for emergency rescue to the ProjectDepartment's leading group. Next, all emergency rescue groups entered the construction site and took temporary control of the roads; the technicians of the Project Department carried out an investigation of the accident site, proposed an emergency plan and surveyed the site for further rescue work development. After formulating the emergency plan, the emergency rescue teams finally helped the trapped person out through the rescue plan of man-machine integration. They then blocked the tunnel entrance and deployed staff to guard it 24h and prohibitunauthorized personnel from entering. At that point, the emergency rescue drill for tunnel collapse was successfully concluded.
This drill strengthened the on-site command and coordination capacity and understanding of the importance of the Project Department's emergency preplan, improved the safety protection consciousness of the staff and enhanced their ability to implement effective rescue in the case of unexpected accident, creating a good construction environment with everybody talking about and paying attention to safety.