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MCC17 Provides Free Physical Examinations for Front-Line Workers for Three Consecutive Years
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 July 2015
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On June 19th, the MCC17 Group's MCC Real Estate (Anhui) Company provided free physical examinations for more than 500 front-line workers over three days, putting the work of caring for the physical and psychological health of its employees into practice and bringing spiritual consolation to workers away from home. The Company has provided this service for three consecutive years, benefiting more than 2,200 employees.
In the Jinfu Garden Project, the Cihu High-Tech Zone Placement CK-1 Project andthe MCC Jinlu Company and Changwei Placement (Public Rental Housing) Project, MCC17 Group Hospital medical workers made meticulous preparations. They registered,took blood pressure and gave electrocardiogramsto the front-line workers standing in a long queue at the simple temporary 'Physical Examination Center'. The whole coordinated process ran very efficiently.
Luo Zhenxuan, a bricklayer on the Jinfu Garden Project, said, "I have worked heresince the commencement of the project. These free physical examinationsare a kind of welfare for us. I appreciate the Company very much for carrying out this activity."Chen Yangping from the carpentry team said, "We usually have to pay for physical examinations in the hospital, but the doctors came to this construction site especially to examine us. It made us feel very warm."During the process, doctors asked about the physical condition of workers, provided health consultations and popularized general medical knowledge. The front-line workers had smiles on their faces and suddenly became relaxedafter their tense and busy ordinary days.
MCC17's MCC Real Estate (Anhui) Company follows the production safety policy of  safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment, implements the safety management policy that the Company shall pay attention to safety planning and adhere to the high starting point of safety management, always deems labor protection as major work and positively performs safety control during the construction process. The annual physical examination aims to investigate the physical condition of the employees, help to eliminate hazards, ensure the personal safety of contractors and reveal our central enterprise's rich sense of social responsibility.