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MCC5 Carries Out 2015 Energy-Saving and EmissionsReduction Campaign
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 July 2015
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On June 18th, the MCC5 Group carried out its nationwide energy-saving publicity week and low-carbon day campaign in front of its Office Building at Shuanglin Road, Chengdu City.
Themed on 'Methods for Energy-Saving and the Gains they Create', the campaign focused on the spirit of creating the upgraded 'FourBeams and Eight Pillars' business system and re-creating a'Wonderful MCC'. MCC5 organized the campaign to call on all units to take the opportunity of energy-saving publicity week and low-carbon day to continuously improve the energy-saving and emissions reduction management system, look to other enterprises in the same industry as examples and benchmarks and actively establish an economic-type enterprise in order to promote technical progress and process upgrading, positively build green project sites and create a strong atmosphere in which everyone takes part in energy-saving and emissions reduction.
At the site of the activity, MCC5's Engineering Department conveyed the requirements for energy-saving and emissions reduction. The MCC5 Labor Union and Youth League Committee called upon employees to fulfill their duties to the environment by constantly deepeninggreenpractices in their work and lives. After that, the Company gave away energy-saving and emissions reduction posters to each unit and such environmentally friendly products as reusable bags and energy-saving bulbs to all participants. At the site, employees signed their names in succession to fulfill their commitment to energy-saving and emissions reduction.
This activity also required each unit and project to pay attention to the implementation of energy-saving and emissions reduction work, to make relevant reduction plans according to the actual conditions, to compose energy-saving and emissions reduction indexesand to adopt the advanced, mature and environmentally friendly technological standard for green demonstration projects. The Labor Union and Youth League Committee at different levels should propagate such campaigns and practices as 'I Play a Part in Energy-Saving and EmissionsReduction' in order to lead employees to contribute ideas, exert efforts, improve the awareness and means of green practices and make contributions to the realization of the Company's energy-saving and emissions reduction objectives.